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    I do not know if you figured this out yet, but otherwise I think this might help. I don’t know exactly how they have solved this on their website, but you could create a custom link, and add it to the menu as a parent item.
    If you have not already created a menu in appearance -> menu do that and give it the place of primary. Then you add the pages from the left column you want to appear in your menu and drag them into the order you want them. Pages that are subpages get in place just by simply drag them to the right right under there parent.
    Now if you want a parent menu called free download, create it as a custom link. You can find that field in the left column of the menupage. Fill in the URL-field with the URL that goes to the subpage of your choice. I have made an example of this on one of my testpages you can look at. This page may not remain forever, but is there right now. If you look in the menu, you will see a menu selection called “costum link” as a subpage to it you got “undersida 1”. So in the URL-field for my custom link I have filled in “” The text you choose in the “Link Text” is the one that will appear in the menu label. You can also choose the navigation label for any manu item to what you want regardless of what the page is called, which I really like with the wordpress menu.
    Hope this gives you a solution to work with. Perhaps there is a more “right way” to solve this, but this gets the job done.

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    Thanks, I will give that a try!

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    I think you talking about one of the theme options in dashboard. In that case it is referring to after how many posts to show the widget Index Insert.
    So if I understand this right if you have a site with the post as your home, then you can use this widget to show something after a number of posts. You decide the amount in the theme options with a number.

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    YEEES! Best news today! This made my day! Thank you for that 🙂

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    Well I thought I cheer what I did for the last part how to define the order of the widgets.

    Do not know if it’s right, but it is working.

    I gave the first home aside as you can see above:

    ‘admin_menu_order’ => 250
    ‘priority’ => 1

    the second

    ‘admin_menu_order’ => 260
    ‘priority’ => 2


    ‘admin_menu_order’ => 270
    ‘priority’ => 3


    ‘admin_menu_order’ => 280
    ‘priority’ => 4


    ‘admin_menu_order’ => 290
    ‘priority’ => 5


    ‘admin_menu_order’ => 295
    ‘priority’ => 6

    Now they are visible in the right order just after the widget secondary aside and before 1st subsidiary aside.

    Hope this help anyone 🙂



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    Wow! I think I Love you! I totally missed that third function. I have starred at this for so many hours and felt stupid. I’m still learning but know that you have to have the same name for the function, but missed that there was a third one….

    Thanks for pointing that out to me! Now it is working!

    The last question about how to define the:
    ‘admin_menu_order’ => 250
    ‘priority’ => 1

    when making more than one widget. Is there some were inside the thematic files where I can see available spots. Is it like inside the headers priorities?

    I’ve looked in the thematic/library/extensions/ widgets-extensions.php but couldn’t find anything, or didn’t understand what to look for. Any tip?

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    Thank you! I did got a bit curious about using icon fonts when I was reading on your blog. It is a BIG risk that I dig into that instead of killing them! But that code comes in handy anyway for an other site! thank You, You Rock!

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    Thank you for the tip on using icon font!

    I was searching for how to kill all the annoying stuff in the post footer on my new website (This entry was posted in some-category and tagged some-tag. Bookmark the permalink. Both comments and trackbacks are currently closed. ) both on single and on the archive/category pages. But ended up implanting some cool icons on the site front page instead! Have to dig in to the killing an other day….

    Thanks for the tip!

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    I promised I give you my solution of having a carousel in a thematic child theme. I have changes script and now it is working. This is a theme I’m building just for me and the carousel is hardcoded in function.php.
    Here is what I did.
    1)    Head over to and download 3d Carousel  Javascript on the right.
    2)    Upload the cloud-carousel.1.0.5.min.js to your child theme. It is good practice to organize your file, I always put my js-file in a js folder.
    3)    Call the script in your child function.php like so:

    //———-script in head
    function diffner_enqueue_scripts() {
    //load up the plugin script
    wp_enqueue_script(‘cloud-carousel.1.0.5.min’, get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . ‘/js/cloud-carousel.1.0.5.min.js’, array(‘jquery’));
    add_action(‘wp_enqueue_scripts’, ‘diffner_enqueue_scripts’);

    4)    You also have to make a function for the script that makes your carousel.  All the setup parameters you find over at
    You implement this in your child function.php like this:

    //———–function for the carousel code
    function my_carousel_in_head(){     ?>
    <script type=”text/javascript”>
    jQuery(document).ready(function($) { //tells WP to recognize the $ variable
    //the carousel code
    $(“#carousel”).CloudCarousel( {
    reflHeight: 30,
    altBox: $(‘#carousel-alt’),
    buttonLeft: $(‘#butleft’),
    buttonRight: $(‘#butright’),
    xPos: 360,
    yPos: 60,
    autoRotate: ‘right’,
    autoRotateDelay: 2000,
    }); //end document ready functions
    /* ]]> */
    <?php }
    add_action(‘wp_head’, ‘my_carousel_in_head’);

    I have place this carousel in the #branding div and made some rearrangement to get the carousel parallel with the blog title and description (in my case the blog title is a logo)
    Here is how:

    //creating a new brandingopen to add a containing div around #branding and #carousel
    //First remove the old
    function remove_branding() {
    add_action(‘init’, ‘remove_branding’);
    //Add my own brandingopen
    function my_brandingopen() { ?>
    <div id=”header_box”>
    <div id=”branding”>
    <?php }
    //———–The carousel div
    function my_carousel() { ?>
    <div id=”carousel”>
    <a href=”” title=”Vilka är vi?”><img class = “cloudcarousel” src=”<?php echo bloginfo(‘stylesheet_directory’) ?>/images/carousel/1.jpg” width=”110″ height=”75″ alt=”bild1″ /></a>
    <a href=”″ title=”Våra Paket”><img class = “cloudcarousel” src=”<?php echo bloginfo(‘stylesheet_directory’) ?>/images/carousel/paket.jpg” width=”110″ height=”75″ alt=”bild2″ /></a>
    <a href=”″ title=”Layouter”><img class = “cloudcarousel” src=”<?php echo bloginfo(‘stylesheet_directory’) ?>/images/carousel/layouter.jpg” width=”110″ height=”75″ alt=”bild3″ /></a>
    <a href=”″ title=”Hur funkar det?”><img class = “cloudcarousel” src=”<?php echo bloginfo(‘stylesheet_directory’) ?>/images/carousel/5.jpg” width=”110″ height=”75″ alt=”bild4″ /></a>
    <a href=”″ title=”Portfolio”><img class = “cloudcarousel” src=”<?php echo bloginfo(‘stylesheet_directory’) ?>/images/carousel/7.jpg” width=”110″ height=”75″ alt=”bild5″ /></a>
    <a href=”” title=”Andra Tjänster”><img class = “cloudcarousel” src=”<?php echo bloginfo(‘stylesheet_directory’) ?>/images/carousel/andra_tjanster.jpg” width=”110″ height=”75″ alt=”bild6″ /></a>
    <?php }

    That’s it! Good luck!

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    Yea! I’m sooooooooo happy at the moment, just wanted tell you that I tested the carousel wlanni linked to. It WORKS!!!

    Now I’m about to finetune (? english word?) it to my needs! Don’t want it to be so “hacky” (sorry for my english) I’ll put the code in here once I’m done! (got to feed my kids too…first)

    @helgatheviking, middlesister I keep that in mind, thank you!

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    Hi helgatheviking (Kia?) I just tested your code snipet, and got this:
    Fel: TypeError: jQuery(“#carousel”).Carousel is not a function

    The reason I don’t pay anyone (yet!!) is I want to learn and understand what I’m doing. I love Thematic and this forum, I have learned so much by reading and trying others examples, sometimes I just wish I had a friend to call and speak about my difficulties in my own language!  But well, can’t have everything…
    Moving on, and digging throw some more code. I think I try the carousel wlanni suggested.

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    Thank you for your time. I did read about that when I google window.onload and I know i tested something like that before, now I just wanted to show the original code. I tried your sugest but it didn’t work. I have spent all morning looking for some other carousel, and have find some nice once. Thank you for your tip.

    The great thing with Interface was that it also had other effects that I might want to use.

    Over at there is a lot of nice options. I’m would gladly pay the amount fore any of those, if I knew I could make it work. I sort of new to jQuery. Thanks for the help. I will put the solution here when/if I find one.

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