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    Scott Nix

    I don’t actually know the answers to most of the questions. Middlesister is probably better suited to answer this. Since the forums questions have died down most people don’t check them daily any longer.

    1) Probably never. I don’t know the correct answer but the person who originally created it is no longer involved, so there is no access to get it into the Repository. Also Frameworks are a different beast and I am not sure if it would even pass theme validation anyway.

    2) Yup, if you use 2.0 you won’t get updates. How I use it is I just go get a new copy from Github when starting a new site and don’t worry too much about updates. It is very solid and there are no issues that really warrant updating the parent theme.

    3) Yeah you can just remove that. No issues. Starting from scratch is actually quite the task, there is a bunch of work involved. I created a “starter child theme” that might be a decent reference The only thing that is outdated is the Gulp file, but I will probably update that in a few days since I already have it done on a newer theme I am working on.

    in reply to: Make Header Image Clickable back to Homepage #4434

    Scott Nix

    The Appearance > Customize page adds the image as a background image. Which would be fine if WordPress allowed you to just wrap a link around everything (including divs), but it doesn’t allow it.

    The easiest solution is to not use that Appearance section to add the header image at all. Instead just do it through CSS.

    An example can be found here

    in reply to: how to move this to the top menu ?? #4432

    Scott Nix

    It is pretty easy to move, just depends where you want it.

    This will move it to the top, but still inside the header section. If you want it completely out of the header section change thematic_header to thematic_aboveheader in the add_action line.

    in reply to: Make Header Image Clickable back to Homepage #4431

    Scott Nix

    Do you have more information on how the header image is added currently?

    This is fairly easy to do, it can be done a bunch of ways but depends on the design.

    in reply to: How to keep icons on the same line #4291

    Scott Nix

    There is a width set in the CSS.

    	text-align: right;

    Icon drops down because it is exceeding the maximum width of the container.

    in reply to: Primary Menu problems after updating to WP4 #4239

    Scott Nix

    If you can, feel free to zip up and send me just the child theme and I will take a look, scott at

    in reply to: Primary Menu problems after updating to WP4 #4237

    Scott Nix

    It might have “reset” the menu to what is default (just showing pages). All the code looks fine (html/css), it just looks like the menu has to be setup again.

    If you wanted to have a reference to the old menu was structured (less thought process), you can reference the site from the latest copy,

    But yeah, I don’t see anything wrong with the actual code, looks like something that should be able to be fixed from the Appearance > Menu section, but don’t forget there is a tab at the top for “Manage Locations” too.

    As a side note to anyone else, I have done a couple upgrades to WP4 and haven’t noticed any menu issues.

    in reply to: Thamatic support now added to our plugin #4235

    Scott Nix

    Pretty neat idea.

    I know a couple people have made similar projects specifically for Thematic, but your plugin takes it a step further, looks pretty useful for themes that devs would be unfamiliar with. 🙂

    in reply to: background rule disappears #4208

    Scott Nix

    Looks like you ended up changing the theme 😛

    in reply to: 4th subsidiary aside is stacking #4207

    Scott Nix

    Odd that it is responding to CSS editing, makes me think it is probably some caching issue.

    I see the site is using W3TotalCache, possibly try disabling the plugin, no real need for it while developing. In Firefox/Chrome, there are also ways to disable caching while using the dev tools for both. For Firefox I use the Web Developer toolbar (addon) and chrome actually has a setting in the Dev Tools.

    I see you added the CSS I mentioned above, I do see that change reflected and the four columns are 100px width.

    Pretty much my best guess is that it’s something involving cache, you are putting the CSS in the right spot 😛

    Scott Nix

    The error mentions line 432 in the functions.php, but the thematicpowerblog themes function.php is pretty short. This most likely has to do with some added code that is using a deprecated function.

    Pretty sure this previous post is a very similar issue, so that link might help. 🙂

    If you do need help, try to paste the functions.php into a Github Gist, or somewhere where we can look at it for a bit, then you can remove it if needed.

    in reply to: Thematic 2.0 and Responsive Base Plus #4201

    Scott Nix

    I do make sure Responsive Base Plus is kept up with the development version of Thematic (available on github) so when it does come out, it is ready. 🙂

    I have been using the development version of Thematic for everything lately and it works perfectly fine. If there is anything that does end up needing to be changed, it would most likely be super minor. Really it just depends on the situation, if it was a personal site, or something where it isn’t an issue for you to touch the files, I would go for it. 🙂

    in reply to: My thematic theme is look barebones like Sandbox #4200

    Scott Nix

    That’s pretty funny, I was born and raised in Santa Maria. 🙂

    in reply to: 4th subsidiary aside is stacking #4199

    Scott Nix

    You actually don’t want to edit the widget extension file in the parent theme. Ideally you don’t touch the parent Thematic Theme at all.

    To add a 4th subsidiary section from the child theme, you do it through the functions.php located in the child theme. This snippet will add the correct code.

    // add 4th subsidiary aside widget, currently set up to be a footer widget underneath the 3 subs
    function childtheme_add_subsidiary($content) {
        $content['4th Subsidiary Aside'] = array(
            'admin_menu_order' => 650,
            'args' => array (
            'name' => '4th Subsidiary Aside',
            'id' => '4th-subsidiary-aside',
            'description' => __('The 4th bottom widget area in the footer.', 'thematic'),
            'before_widget' => thematic_before_widget(),
            'after_widget' => thematic_after_widget(),
            'before_title' => thematic_before_title(),
            'after_title' => thematic_after_title(),
            'action_hook'   => 'widget_area_subsidiaries',
            'function'      => 'childtheme_4th_subsidiary_aside',
            'priority'      => 90
        return $content;
    add_filter('thematic_widgetized_areas', 'childtheme_add_subsidiary', 50);
    // set structure for the 4th subsidiary aside
    function childtheme_4th_subsidiary_aside() {
        if ( is_active_sidebar('4th-subsidiary-aside') ) {
            echo thematic_before_widget_area('fourth');
            echo thematic_after_widget_area('fourth');

    From there it is just a matter of changing the CSS to the correct widths. There are some paddings that cascade, so you will have to figure out the math to make it perfect, it is currently set to 250px wide for the columns.

    Just add this to the bottom of the style.css file in the child theme.

    #subsidiary .aside {

    Keep in mind, 130px isn’t the correct width, I just didn’t want to do the math since that takes a little bit more effort than I was willing to exert 😛

    in reply to: background rule disappears #4198

    Scott Nix

    The path to the image resolves to but no image is found. So it is possibly the url is incorrect.

    but, also the background CSS property has an extra space after the url.

    background:url ("../images/search.png")  no-repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;
    should be
    background: url("../images/search.png") no-repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;
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