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    I am new here, and I would like to mention bug spotted on my web site running Thematic.
    Site address is

    Starting letter of nearly every sentence is looking much darker and stronger then rest of text.

    My opinionĀ  is that Thematic is strong publishing platform, and I hope this topic could help improving such a great piece of art.



    Thank you for your input. However, I don’t think what you are seeing has anything to do with Thematic. I believe it is simply a case of fake small caps.

    Using the css property font-variant:small-caps; always creates fake small caps which – depending on the font – will create this effect. Some fonts are worse than others. See here for example:

    It is very obvious in both Verdana and Arial, less so but still there in Georgia.

    If you are not using small-caps, then maybe this has to do with cyrillic support in georgia and you could have a look around for other fonts with better cyrillic support.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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