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    Hello Hello,

    A couple of questions here. I’m going to make the switch to the 2.0 theme that is on GitHub.

    1) When will the 2.0 theme be added to WordPress?

    2) If I add the 2.0 theme from GitHub how will updates work? I won’t be ale to be notified in WordPress correct, until the theme is officially added to WordPress?

    3) I typically just like to start my theme from complete scratch so I really don’t even include the original styles from the parent. I just use the actual framework. Is it acceptable to just get rid of this line from the child functions.php file? add_action( ‘thematic_childtheme_style_dependencies’, ‘samplechildtheme_add_thematic_styledependency’ ); Would this break anything else or would this cause any issues?


    Scott Nix

    I don’t actually know the answers to most of the questions. Middlesister is probably better suited to answer this. Since the forums questions have died down most people don’t check them daily any longer.

    1) Probably never. I don’t know the correct answer but the person who originally created it is no longer involved, so there is no access to get it into the Repository. Also Frameworks are a different beast and I am not sure if it would even pass theme validation anyway.

    2) Yup, if you use 2.0 you won’t get updates. How I use it is I just go get a new copy from Github when starting a new site and don’t worry too much about updates. It is very solid and there are no issues that really warrant updating the parent theme.

    3) Yeah you can just remove that. No issues. Starting from scratch is actually quite the task, there is a bunch of work involved. I created a “starter child theme” that might be a decent reference The only thing that is outdated is the Gulp file, but I will probably update that in a few days since I already have it done on a newer theme I am working on.



    1) I don’t know when 2.0 will be available from the official repo. As Scott said, we the current developers do not have access to upload new versions ourselves. We have talked with the original developer and sent him the files, but it has now been almost a year since 2.0 was finished and not much has happened on that front.

    2) At the moment no, there is no update notification setup.

    You just made me think about the possibility to use a github notification library, so new updates can be automatically downloaded from github instead of That could be a solution if there is a demand for it.

    3) Scott already answered that. Yes, if you want to do all styling yourself, go ahead and remove that.



    Scott and middlesister thanks for the replies. Much appreciated.

    Here’s a repository to a thematic child theme that I use frequently that is tied into Bootstrap….

    I just changed it to have the newest version of the thematic theme. In case you guys are interested. I love the thematic framework I have used it on about 30 websites I have created over the years.



    Hello Scott and Middle S. –

    Earlier asked a question in the Lounge about why the latest version is not in the repository.

    I see, reading between the lines, that Ian Steward (father of Thematic) seems to not be granting access so you can upload. Odd. I wonder if Gene could help?

    Seems like all your hard work deserves to be recognized in the official repository. What about just uploading version 2.0 there under a different username?

    – Scott



    Hi Scott!

    I answered your other thread first, but yeah we can’t upload the theme to the directory. It’s really not Ian’s fault, if one could call it that. It’s just the way the theme directory works.

    The upload ability is tied to a specific account, the account of the theme author. While I believe it is possible to transfer ownership of a theme to a different account, it is not something Ian have the ability to do – even if he would be willing to. This ability is reserved for the Theme Review Team admins, so it involves a level higher up and a further discussion with everyone involved.

    Note that this would mean that he no longer would be listed as the author of the theme in the directory.

    Uploading under a different name means forking, which means we need to rename the theme and no automatic updates would work between the new and old version. This might or might not be desirable.



    The current situation with Thematic 2.0 and its ownership is very frustrating.

    O.K. I understand Ian is no longer involved with Thematic but surely it would be no big deal for him to upload the theme to the directory on behalf of the current team?

    And as for transferring ownership, why can’t the procedure be initiated?
    If Ian is not prepared to do this then we come back to my first question !



    Should I be concerned?

    I’ve just used to run a check on the current development version.
    It has come up with 2 ‘critical alerts’ and 6 warnings.

    I would welcome your comments.

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