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    I’ve discovered an odd quirk when working with WPML and a thematic child theme.  I have created a number of custom post types which work fine in the the website’s native language, however, I noticed that if I tried to view an archive or single post for the translated content of a custom post type it produced a “404 page not found” error.  Though if I queried a custom post type for a part of a page template or a widget, the translated content showed up as expected.

    During the trouble shooting I first tried to view the website using the thematic base theme and then realized that I’d obviously need to paste the code registering the custom post types into the functions.php file in order to test them.  I found that the translated archive and single custom post types worked properly in the  base theme.  I then reactivated my child theme and was surprised to see that they were now working for it as well.  I realized that this was because I had forgotten to remove the registration code from the functions.php file of the base theme.

    So I’ve found a solution but obviously editing thematic’s core files is bad policy.  Can anyone shed some light on what the issue here might be?

    Thanks for any advice!


    Gene (emhr)

    If you think that you’ve found a bug in Thematic our github issue tracker is the best place to report it.

    It would be helpful if when you do report issues, if you could include a sample code snippet along with the steps to reproduce the problem.

    Thanks and I hope to see the issue reported on github!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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