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    Hi, I have a site that uses a Thematic child theme and Events Manager.

    Everything works great except when people who have already successfully booked one event using  “guest bookings” return to the site at a later date to book another event — they can not login using the login form on the event page.

    Guest bookings are bookings created by logged out users. Logged out users see registration fields which are used to create their account when they book their first event — that part works fine — BUT when they return to the site at a later date to book another event — they can not login – the page refreshes but they are not logged in.

    If they try to simply fill in the registration fields on the booking form they get an error message saying that account already exists and they have to login, but the form on the page does not work.

    Logging in via the WordPress login page does work – it does log me into the WordPress admin

    But after logging in that way… when I visit any of the event pages the “registration fields” on the booking form are still there… but they shouldn’t be there if I am logged in. So I don’t know where the problem could be. EM or Thematic?

    I’ve been asking in the EM forum for answers and so far they say the problem is with the theme.  The only other plugins are NextGen gallery, google fonts and google analytics.

    So I’m not sure what to do at this point… I think it’s an issue with Events Manager but they sent me here to see if anyone can help me figure out if this an issue with the child theme.

    I created this site over a year ago and haven’t been using Thematic since… The only thing I added in the functions was registered a sidebar for the events (which works just fine) and added a tagline.

    This is the site:

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.



    I am sorry but I am not familiar with this plugin. It sounds to me that it has to do with the plugin failing to check and/or set authorized cookie or something like that. Does the problem persist if you change themes?



    After some time trying to figure out the issue we believe it has to do with the way the site was installed, it is not in the root but in a different directory on the server  – I used a workaround that allowed me to keep that setup, it allowed me to set the site URL and the WordPress URL to different URLs, we think the EM plugin could not work with that setup s0….. we are now moving the site from one host to another and placing the installation in the root where it should be! Thank you!

    Now if I can only find these new leader asides I’ll be up and running again soon… see my separate post! 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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