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    Hi –

    Using latest version of Yoast WP SEO, I find that page titles have disappeared.  I tested this on the minimal and generic child theme.  I tried it with nothing in the functions file.  Same result.  All other times I looked at displayed Yoast’s titles correctly.

    WP SEO is installed on this site, but titles do not appear on the default theme… see:

    Page Source Shows:


    It does work when you select “Force Rewrite Titles” in the Yoast Plugin… but this should not be required, right?




    scott, i believe this has to do w/ the fact that thematic wasn’t meeting the guidelines for WP3.4… which is to put wp_title() in between the title tags and then filter in any changes.  i know karin has patched this and gene has passed thematic 1.0.2 to ian for submission to the queue… so it should be available this week (next at the latest i would think).



    Thanks for the update, Kathy.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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