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    Yesterday my thematic website changed its appareance into a barebones theme without the normal thematic menu bar boxes…

    you can see it here

    i deleted and reinstalled it and nothing changed.

    please help as I love the thematic theme and am trying to promote my business but can’t until this is resolved!



    What I see when I go to your site is a normal vanilla install of Thematic and it’s default styling. The menu looks just like the default styling does.

    Unfortunately I don’t understand how you expect it to look instead. Did you have a child theme or did you customize it in any other way?

    We are working on an update to the theme but it’s not released yet. Nothing has changed in Thematic for quite some time. Check if there are any recent plugins you have installed or deleted that might be the culprit of any changes.



    Yes, it went back to normal. Not sure what was going on. Sorry about that. Thanks for the reply. eric.


    Scott Nix

    That’s pretty funny, I was born and raised in Santa Maria. 🙂



    I’m a recent transplant, but I’ve already fallen in love with Santa Maria tacos! 🙂

    I have 2 more questions, I hope it is okay if I just tag them on here…

    1. I am trying to add a header image, but it is demanding a size of 940 x 235. So it either blows up my smaller images or I make an image with a lot of white space around it and it pushes the menu down so it looks strange. I don’t want huge text. Where in thematic can I adjust that 940 x 235 to something smaller?

    2. I would really love to get rid of the “About” on my home page and replace it with … nothing! But if I don’t put a word there, (untitled) comes up. How do I remove -just this- page title (it being the home/default page) not the titles for all of my pages?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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