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    While waiting for Thematic to get updated to html5 elements, I wrote a plugin that will switch the main markup. It has been updated to work with the latest version of Thematic and can now be found at the official wordpress directory:

    From the readme:

    • • doctype changed to `<!doctype html>`
    • • meta tag “charset” added to `<head>`
    • • defunkt meta tag http-equiv=Content-type removed (replaced by meta tag above)
    • • #header uses `<header>` element
    • • nav_menu and page_menu uses the `<nav>` element
    • • post pagination links uses the `<nav>` element
    • • nav-above and nav-below uses the `<nav>` element
    • • the loops are using the `<article>` element for individual posts.
    • • .entry-header uses the `<header>` element
    • • the post title will always be a `<h1>`
    • • .entry-utility uses the `<footer>` element
    • • widget areas are `<aside>` elements, with individual widgets as `<section>` elements. The widget title is `<h1>`
    • • #footer uses `<footer>` element

    Blog post:

    It’s very basic and there is certainly room for improvement. Fork it or create an issue on the thematic-html5 github issue tracker with feature requests or bug reports.


    Gene (emhr)

    That kicks ass! (in a good way) Thank you!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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