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    We need help updating the translations for Thematic!  So if are fluent in another language, please give us a hand with updating the po and mo files for your language.

    1. Download the latest SVN copy of Thematic (you need this because our .pot file was a bit out of date) at the google code site:

    2. Download POedit.

    3. Start POedit

    4. Open the language file you will be working on.  For example: if you wanted to work on the French translation, you’d open the fr_FR.po file.

    5. Once open, click on the Catalog menu, then select Update from POT file.  In the pop-up prompt, select Thematic.pot (which is in the library/languages folder if you don’t see it automatically).  You’ll see an Update Summary of strings that have been added and strings that have been removed.  Click Ok.

    6. Click on each untranslated string.  At the bottom of the screen there will be 2 boxes.  The top box being the english version and in the bottom box, type in the translation for your language.

    7. When you are done, save the catalog.  POedit should automatically save a .mo file in the same directory as the .po file you were working on.  If not, then go File>Preferences>Editor> and
    > enable ‘Automatically compile .mo file on save’.  Then save again.

    8. Now head back to google code and post a new issue:

    Call it something recognizable, like Updated French Translation and attach both your .po and .mo files.




    Hi, i’ve made Turkish translation about a year ago.  And provided them to the issue list.

    Issue 147:
    Turkish Translation Files



    Hi Alperor!  Thanks for that.  Would you mind updating your translation?  There are new strings and some of the old ones have been updated.



    Hi again. I’ve made it %100 translated and updated the issue.



    great!  thanks so much!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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