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    Hi. I’m new to coding and this question might be more general than “thematic” but that’s what I’m using and I need help!

    I’m not good at describing this stuff so I’m going to use an example website – I’m not even that familiar with their music, not trying to promote them or anything, but if you google the band They Might Be Giants – they use thematic. The nav all the way on the right is called “Free Downloads” and it has several dropdown pages. When you just click on “Free Downloads” itself and not one of the drop down options, it takes you directly to the first drop down option.

    That is what I want to happen on my website, but instead, let’s say I had the same content as them, if you clicked on “Free Downloads” – instead of taking you to the first dropdown, it would take you to a blank page that is titled “Free Downloads.” Sure I could put something there, but I want mine to work like their site. How is it that their nav button links to one of the child pages?

    I apologize if this question is super beginner. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    Am I even making sense? Sorry if this is confusing.



    I do not know if you figured this out yet, but otherwise I think this might help. I don’t know exactly how they have solved this on their website, but you could create a custom link, and add it to the menu as a parent item.
    If you have not already created a menu in appearance -> menu do that and give it the place of primary. Then you add the pages from the left column you want to appear in your menu and drag them into the order you want them. Pages that are subpages get in place just by simply drag them to the right right under there parent.
    Now if you want a parent menu called free download, create it as a custom link. You can find that field in the left column of the menupage. Fill in the URL-field with the URL that goes to the subpage of your choice. I have made an example of this on one of my testpages you can look at. This page may not remain forever, but is there right now. If you look in the menu, you will see a menu selection called “costum link” as a subpage to it you got “undersida 1”. So in the URL-field for my custom link I have filled in “http://3113.diffner.se/undersida-1/” The text you choose in the “Link Text” is the one that will appear in the menu label. You can also choose the navigation label for any manu item to what you want regardless of what the page is called, which I really like with the wordpress menu.
    Hope this gives you a solution to work with. Perhaps there is a more “right way” to solve this, but this gets the job done.

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