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    Hi, I have been using Hybrid Core for my themes but I have gotten bored/sick of dealing with parent themes. I initially switched because I wanted to start selling themes and because thematic was not html5 nor even had a plugin. I bought Genesis but I do not like how it is paid and not open source, even though it is like thematic on steroids. Plus, to let thematic flatline would be a shame. So, here are some ideas/requests I have:

    1. Remove some of the widget areas. There are too many.
    2. Remove the depreciated templates from the dropdown.
    3. Add a meta box so when you click to add/edit a page you can change the layout (similar to the way it’s done in hybrid core). You could then add_theme_support the ones you want your child theme to  support like it’s done in Hybrid Core 
      add_theme_support( ‘theme-layouts’, array( ‘1c’, ‘2c-l’, ‘2c-r’ ), array( ‘default’ => ‘2c-l’ ) );
    4. Update the styles thematic-wide. This would mean the layouts and styles folders too. I think we should add a normalize.css, remove the menu.css and  the 18px and 21px.css files. We should make it so you add it via add_theme_support or something so we do not have to use @import, like
      add_theme_support( ‘hybrid-core-styles’, array( ’25px’, ‘gallery’, ‘parent’, ‘style’ ) );
    5. Make all css  responsive/mobile-friendly?

    Thoughts? I can help with css but not php.



    Hi Jagster!

    Thank you for your feedback. I totally agree on the need to update the styling. The problem is we can’t just remove stylesheets because of backwards compatibility, but we can create new ones and simply leave the old ones alone.

    We have started a develop branch at github where we are working on the next generation of thematic, and new styles will definitely be part of that. We have not yet come to the styling though, so your input is valuable in deciding what and how we will tackle this. I am not familiar with how hybrid core handles the styles, it seems to be worth a look.

    I’ll also look at removing the deprecated template files from the admin. Again, we can’t erase them completely, but the development version introduces a legacy compatibility mode that we could use to hide the templates in the newer versions.

    On another note, I wrote a plugin that will switch the markup to html5 until the new version gets ready. You can get it from




    I am pretty decent with CSS and best practices so I can definitely help a lot. There are a lot of headaches with the styles and it will be a pretty hard task, especially since we want to streamline the framework as much as possible. A few things:

    1. My biggest worry is that we will have all these legacy styles and the framework will be a little bloated – just knowing the files are sitting there will bother me a little ;). I think we should at least depreciate and/or remove the 18px, 21px and menu.css files because I have never seen them being used. Ever.
    2. Using @import was cool when Thematic first dropped, but is now frowned upon. That is why we should make it so the user has to add the styles in their functions.php file a la Hybrid Core. See
    3. As for the layouts, that will be a mess. We should do it a la Hybrid Core as well IMO, but I have to think about that one more. We need to not only trim down each layout stylesheet, but make sure it won’t interfere with responsive/mobile-friendly design. Any ideas?
    4. Should we add basic ARIA support like role=”banner”?
    5. The siteinfo should be wrapped in a <p> tag </p>

    I have off of work tomorrow so I will submit some pull requests on github for other things. The readme file needs to be updated among other things.

    – James



    P.S. I will open up some issues on GitHub so others who look there can see what we are trying to do. Is that okay?



    Yes go right ahead with pull requests and issues and whatever you have in mind. All contributions are very welcome.

    I thought of the idea of using body classes for layout. Even though enqueuing the styles is much preferable to @import, they will still generate extra http requests. The drawback of having body classes is that the stylesheet will swell and become bigger. But I like the idea with being able to choose the layout in the theme customizer, or even per-post or per-page, and we would need body classes for that. I don’t know which is worse, maybe Scott can chime in with his thought on this. He is a css wizard too.

    I think ARIA roles are a good idea.

    I will be travelling for all of June and partly be completely without internet, but I will surely catch up with any discussions and progress when I get back. Thanks for jumping in, the more the merrier.

    My wet dream would be to sassify the new styles since the flexibility of scss makes eveything sooo much easier. And then generate a minified stylesheet that gets enqueued. But but, one thing at a time 🙂



    Thanks for the response 🙂

    I think we should avoid the headache of adding styles from the parent theme the way I suggested a la Hybrid Core and just add them directly to the child theme (e.g. just include a well commented style.css in the child theme?). I use and love SASS, but we can’t include that in a child theme out of the box – beginners and newcomers would get really really really freaked out (Scott might argue otherwise, but he is more experienced than me and might not be able to relate to the noobs as much). Adding the layout classes might bloat the stylesheet but I nevertheless like it. It is easier to style. Plus, selecting your layout from a dropdown is cool, right? 😛

    On another note, should we depreciate all of the current styles (the styles folder) and the superfish/dropdown scripts? All the menu stuff can now be handled with CSS. Superfish adds markup to the structure too, which is annoying. Maybe we can just create a minor headache now and begin depreciating this stuff (which we will eventually flush, maybe by WordPress 3.8 – 2 versions worth of time). I know Thematic is also a parent theme and has added responsibility, but if any users freak out after the update that flushes this stuff we can just have a sticky topic here that links to a sample child theme with all of the old styles (the whole folder). I have been seriously considering forking Thematic because of the fact that we might have to see all this depreciated stuff forever, but I really do not feel like doing that because I love it and also because my php skills are weak so I would probably fail.

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