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    Hello everyone,

    I came across a problem today I haven’t encountered with my child themes before. I’m not sure if this is a new feature or what?

    So, what I was originally doing was replacing my ‘hard coded secondary menu’ with a header aside widget, since I learned from one of the moderators here that you should not hard code anything into the child theme. I added a secondary menu this way on a previous site and it worked great. I added all of the correct code into functions.php and it worked.

    I started to notice a problem when the changes I was making in the WordPress Dashboard code editor weren’t working (I know people say not to do this, but I was never sure why as it seems basic and easy for someone newer to this like me). I then looked at the functions.php page and all of this ‘custom header code’ had been added to it, and it was overriding the code in my WordPress editor. I totally blew the header of the site up and now it looks bad. Now, I don’t know where to edit.

    Is this a new feature? Or was it added because I previously used the ‘header’ feature in the WordPress dashboard? The code is so confusing in my functions.php now I feel like I need to just re-do everything to understand what’s going on. If anyone has any input, that would be great.

    Thanks once again for your time! Just when I feel like I’m breezing through the design and coding, I all of a sudden have no idea what’s going on with my site.

    Thanks again very much,

    – Maureen

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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