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    Hello all,

    I downloaded thematic 2.0 zip from github, unfortunately the css does not seem to be loading, and the page presents itself as unstyled. What am I missing, or what should I look for; it’s been awhile.

    Thx in advance



    Are you using a child theme from before that you are upgrading or are you starting with a new one?

    The loading of styles has changed in 2.0. You will need to enqueue the parent stylesheet manually in your functions.php (instead of using the @import statements previously used). This was done in order to be in line with best practices of WordPress theming.

    Some instructions can be found at the github wiki on how to enqueue Thematic parent stylesheetin 2.0. Let me know if they are unclear or you have a problem.

    This information will also be available on the documentation site when 2.0 becomes officially released.




    It is a brand new installation on mamp. There are no child themes as of yet. The css just doesn’t load and can’t figure out why.




    Do you have any plugins installed that might interfere?
    What does it say in the document header, does the file get enqueued at all or the path somehow missing?

    Use something like firebug for firefox or the developer tools in chrome and inspect the site. If the parent Thematic is activated, there should be a

    <link id="thematic-main-css" media="all" [...]>

    as well as

    <link id="thematic-css" media="all" [...]>

    in the document head.



    It is possible that you are experiencing the same issue as in this thread:

    It seems that github is appending the version number to the folder name. See if that is the case for you too, and make sure the name of the folder is “thematic” and nothing else.

    I have filed a bug so that future versions of Thematic won’t be sensitive to folder names.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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