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    This question is mainly for the creator, Scott but if anyone has achieved this, please feel free to chime in.

    I’ve been trying to shape Child’s Play into a 3-column responsive theme without having to make it adaptive (ie. I want to stay responsive).  I can’t seem to get it to work.  I figured I just needed to change the percentages of the #container, #primary and #secondary but it just seems to push them below the #container.

    Any insights here are appreciated.

    …and thanks again Scott, really enjoy working with Child’s Play and your wonderful insights and tips (I got into sass because of you…what a brave new world now!)


    Scott Nix

    I will get to this tomorrow, technically it should be doable and fairly easy for me to provide you with something useful. I haven’t really done anything useful for over a week now, tried to install Linux to force myself to get good with command line stuff and kept having issue after issue, so now I am back to windows. I almost have everything set back up.

    Lately for layout I have been using Susy Grids, which is a Sass/Compass grid utility, it makes layout changes super easy. If you are getting into Sass and work on a bunch of sites, check out Responsive Start, I have changed the way I do things to separate out the layout which makes major layout changes a breeze (if you know Sass/Compass & Susy). For example, this is a basic 2 column layout, which may look confusing at first, but it is easy. 😛


    TL;DR, I will try to create a 3 column layout shortly.




    Thanks Scott!

    Responsive Start looks cool!  Wish I had seen that first….might’ve made everything easier in general.  Let me know though if you do come up with a solution on Child’s Play…I’ve been trying a few things and just can’t get it  to go with 3-columns (well, not without messing something else up…like being responsive).

    I’ll be sure to look more in depth at Responsive Start for any future projects though.

    Sorry to hear about your computer troubles, hope you are back up and running in no time so you can continue the great work!



    No worries Scott, I figured it out.  Hope you’re back in computing land though and I have been looking more into Responsive Starter – Sweet!  Nice work as usual.

    For anyone else who wants a responsive 3-column Child’s Play here’s the changes…

    in _media-queries.scss

    #container {width:46%; margin-left:27%;}

    #primary {float:left; width:25%; margin-left:-73%; clear:none;}

    #secondary {float:right; width:25%; clear:none;}

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