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    I am using the standard RSS widget in a primary aside. The problem is that the html generated uses h1 for the title and I already have a h1 on the page. I want to change the primary aside heading to h2, or anything but h1, as I am getting dinged for it in SEO analysis.

    I have hunted around and I can’t find where this is generated, I believe it’s in the wp code as I found this in sidebar-extensions.php

     * Register action hook: widget_area_secondary_aside
    * Located in sidebar.php
    * Regular hook for secondary widget area
    function thematic_widget_area_secondary_aside() {

    Is there a quick way to find where functions are located?

    How do I change the h1 to a h2 in this case?

    I am using Childsplay by the way.




    Hmm, should have used search earlier! I just found this discussion which is exactly what I am after, Scott even has the code I need!

    I read through the discussion and noted the html5 comments but I was just thinking wouldn’t it make life easier if aside widgets were not h1 by default exactly for SEO. Bing SEO Analyzer flags multiple h1’s as a high severity issue –

    High Severity Issue  
    There are multiple h1 tags on the page.
    Recommended Action:  
    Remove redundant h1 tags from the page source, 
    so that only one h1 tag exists. 


    I am assuming you are using the thematic html5 plugin?

    Well as I said in the discussion, if multiple h1 tags would be an issue you need to change all the article headlines as well as the widgettitles. And that would mean the default wordpress themes are also wrong.

    I’d rather ray that it is Bing’s seo analyzer that needs to be updated for html5. The rule about only one h1 per page was valid for xhtml but no longer for html5.

    Se for example

    If you can show me a current article that says otherwise, I am all ears. Mostly what I have read are from people not really trusting the change and still uses one h1 per page out of caution. There’s nothing wrong with being cautious, that’s what filters are for, but I want to follow the correct coding practice as far as I can.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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