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    I have tried a couple different tutorials to create a portfolio template for my thematic child theme and none of them seem to work exactly how i would like them to. If any one has any advice or could point me in the direction of a good tutorial that would be thematic specific I would be very thankful



    So I can find a couple different templates for genesis themes but nothing that helps with thematic. Any body out there have any advice…..please……….


    Scott Nix

    Usually portfolios for themes are housed in a Custom Post Type, otherwise they kind of get mixed into the normal flow of the blog (you can split them, but usually the content is different which warrants the custom post type).

    It kind of depends on what you are looking to do.

    If you did go the custom post type route, there is a plugin to easily add them you can build them into the theme, which is not recommended.

    After that, you should be able to access the url at (if you named the custom post type portfolio).

    By default it will run of the archive.php, but you will probably want to style it differently and change the structure, so rename it archive-portfolio.php and this is the “template” you now have your custom archive for all the portfolio post types (similar to a blog home page).

    Taking it a step further, you can also have a custom single-portfolio.php, which will be the individual page for each portfolio post. Works the same way, duplicate single.php and rename it and add your changes there.

    This is one of those things that is more WordPress specific than Thematic, there are tons and tons of tutorials on how to do almost anything with CPT. There is another way to do this all in your functions.php without creating extra files, but it is even more complicated, I figured this out the hard way by doing it a couple times before realizing it is generally easier to add the new file.

    A helpful visual reference for file naming and WordPress can be found



    Thanks for the response. I’ve been through all kinds of tutorials,but just can”t seem to get anything to work right. I guess being a total noob to PHP doesn’t really help. I’m going to try the plug in you suggest, I always seem to get stuck on the page templates though. Apprecite the advice!



    I’ve got some real old code that Devon wrote for Portfolios back when he was still doing heaps with Thematic. I could dig it out ¬†for you if you haven’t come across a suitable idea. Might need someone to check to see if the code is out dated though.



    custom post types ui is the way to go. thank you Scott!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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