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    I see that people have started using to add their languages to Thematic. This is great!

    In order to move the translations out of “waiting” status,  each language needs a validator. If you have started to translate and would like to become a validator for your language, tell me your username and locale so I can give you validator access.

    On friday August 31st we will wrap up 1.0.3 and send it to review. The translations will be taken from glotpress as they are at that time, so if you want to have your language included in the release they need to be validated by then.

    Of course you can still continue translating after the release. I’m just saying that if you are close to finished and want to be included in the release, now is the time to wrap things up.



    I also added references so now each translation string has a link to the actual code on github if you want to check the source.




    I worked on the Spanish and Catalan translations, and I’d like to become a validator. My username is “leemon”.





    @leemon Done! You can now mark strings as correct so they are available for download. From now on, strings you add will automatically be considered correct from the start. Thanks!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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