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    I’m not really a coder more of a hack/cut/paste and borrow from these forums plus Scott Nix’s frameworks. So far it suits me ok but now when I’m wanting to change all the things I’ve learnt is long gone. Catch 22 situation for me. Spend time re-learning code at a downside of my photography suffering.

    So I’ve got my WordPress Server running locally again, installed the 3.8 beta and I must say that out of the box that the 2014 theme is pretty decent out of the box. I’ll stare at this theme and code and will try borrow some for thematic. Or see what they’ve done and adjust for thematic.

    Anyone else checked out 2014 with the 3.8 beta?



    I haven’t actually played with the front end of the theme yet, but I have been peeking at the code.

    I have recently put in some work in updating Thematic to html5, and I think some new styling ought to go with it so I have been peeking at both twentythirteen and twentyfourteen to see how they do things. And of course testing against upcoming 3.8.

    At the moment the html5 markup is almost finished and what is left is the styles. Not using @import’s, making it responsive, that kind of things. While both twentythirteen and twentyfourteen are made for a specific purpose and not generic enough to copy for something like Thematic, there is definitely things to learn about best practices and ways to solve common problems.

    If you want to follow and/or test the development of Thematic, the bleeding edge version can be downloaded from the develop branch in github
    zip file: https://github.com/ThematicTheme/Thematic/archive/develop.zip



    Thanks, I use to have thematic hooked up with the svn? But new OS and lost some things. Should I keep using your plugin with Scott’s themes?(responsive + child’s play)



    Well Thematic development has moved to github, but I think you can still pull the source via svn if you don’t know or want to learn git.

    When this release gets out, my plugin will be obsolete. Basically, what my plugin does has been ported straight over into Thematic.

    But Scott’s themes can be used with or without my plugin, that will not change. It’s possible that he might want to update them with one or two things when Thematic 2.0 is out, but it needs to get out the door first 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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