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    Posted over at on Thematic’s page that the 1.01 update broke my site that was using the Sophia child theme (

    What’s broken:

    The nav links in the header now display vertically rather than horizontally.

    My right sidebar (the only one) is gone.

    All post footer content is gone, both on the main page and in individual posts.

    Some fonts are now the wrong typeface.

    And more.

    What a mess. I have no idea where to start to fix this. The last update had only a minor tweak needed for a fix. This looks more major.



    Gene (emhr)

    Hi edelen,

    I’m sorry that the upgrade didn’t work out well for you.

    The child theme that you are using has not been updated to be compatible with thematic 1.0.1. It is using functions that have been deprecated in the current release.

    One such function is  is_sidebar_active() and that is why your sidebar has disappeared. The Thematic function is_sidebar_active()  was deprecated in favor of using is_sidebar_active() which is a WordPress function.

    The footer content is gone because the filter that the theme author is using to generate the text has been deprecated as well. You can try and use the Appearance/Theme Options/footer text settings to output what you want.

    I’m not sure why you’re experiencing typeface issues without seeing a link to your site while it is displaying the problem you are describing.

    If you feel the upgrade has adversely affected your site and you need to temporarily revert back to Thematic while you sort out the issue before finally upgrading to 1.0.1 you can find the previous release here.

    Do note that is is very hard for the support community here to help you if you are not providing a live example of the child theme issues that you are experiencing.

    Also note that enabling wp_debug and/or error reporting or error logging will give you a lot of insight as to what may be broken there.



    Do try to remember that Thematic must change and adapt to current best practices and recommendations to 1. stay current and 2 pass theme review. we absolutely cannot ensure that every child theme will be OK going forward if the child theme is not updated.  We’d have to carry a ton of bloated legacy code.

    I took a stab at updating the Sophia Theme this morning.  You can check out the results here:

    though there really wasn’t anything in it that should’ve broken any themes…  but i can confirm that this is working locally on my setup with Thematic 1.0.

    the post footer content is pulled from the thematic theme options in under Appearance > Theme Options you are now free to type whatever content you wish there.  read the changelog.txt i made for a summary of what i am doing differently from the original.



    Gene (emhr)

    Hi again,

    Note that there was a discussion that was using a BYO (build your own) Child theme has now been split into it’s own topic:


    Gene (emhr)

    Yep i just tested separately too.

    The menu issue seems to be due to the fact that Sophia is setting echo => true in the menu args. Seeting it to false fixes the menu issue.

    The sidebar and footer info disappearing could be because the OP is running an old version of WordPress. What version of WP do you have installed?




    I’m using WordPress 3.3.2, which is the latest version.

    Thank you for your help, and thank you to helgatheviking.

    Do you have any advice on staging/sandboxing my site so that I can test these changes before I make them live? Staging WP has always been an enormous hassle, and I usually have to work on fixes while the site is live, which is a less than ideal approach. The other options I’ve tried have resulted in too many problems.




    That was very generous and kind of you. Thank you!



    you’re welcome.  gene is right, the problem was in the “echo” parameter of the page menu args.  that actually switched a while back.

    as far as testing, i do all my dev work on a local install of wordpress.  these are pretty easy to set up and there are plenty of tutorials out there for “installing wordpress locally”.

    depending on what OS you are using you could use Wamp or Xampp (windows… i swtiched to wamp and like it), Mamp (mac), or use tasksel to install the LAMP stack on linux.


    Gene (emhr)

    Just checking in… edelen, have you come to an acceptable resolution? I realize the situation is less than ideal but i want to make sure we’ve done what we can for you here?

    Also don’t forget about this forum discussion too. It could be helpful to cross-link the topics incase another Sophia user finds that discussion.



    i emailed the author with my updates but haven’t heard anything.

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