Thematic release notes

Thematic is now available from the WordPress theme repository. This release was focusing on improving the internationalization and localization, with a complete string overhaul and updated pot-file. The introduction of glotpress to manage translations have been a success, and several languages have already been updated and are included in this release. Many languages still need updating though, so if you speak a language where the translation is incomplete we would be happy if you helped us with translating.

WPML logoAlso, Thematic is now fully compatible with WPML multilingual plugin! They worked well together already before, but this release includes a XML config file for even better integration.

Other new things are that the sample child theme have been updated to include sample code for custom headers and background.

And that the functions thematic_body_class() and thematic_post_class() have been moved/removed to filtering the core filters body_class and post_class respectively. Adding the following code to your child theme will enable Thematic’s classes to filter into the body_class() and post_class() output.


There are some more minor changes and bugfixes too, full changelog is in the readme file. Get the latest version from the WordPress theme repository.

Report any bugs you find on the github issue tracker and head over to the forums if you are having any trouble with upgrading.


  1. Ok, its fine to have fixes but some should give and advice how to quckly fix the css changes… Becouse I lost all power to again tune up my website becouse part of my css is not in this versions working…
    Is there any easy way to make know what hooks, filter or functions change to get back the classes I hardworkly defined before? Thx… I made my whole website by reading forums, this is first time I wrote for the questons becouse Im angry for loose my css rules… :(((

  2. would adding the lines in the functions.php above fix this error:

    [13-Dec-2012 17:53:54] PHP Warning: Missing argument 1 for thematic_post_class(), called in blahblah/wp-content/themes/chiron/functions.php on line 580 and defined in blahblah/blog/wp-content/themes/thematic/library/extensions/dynamic-classes.php on line 426 ?


    • Hi Dave,

      Go Ahead and start a topic in the support forums for this. When you do give us some more information like what version of Thematic and WordPress your using while experiencing the issue.

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