An easier way to translate Thematic

The main focus for the upcoming 1.0.3 release is to improve and optimize the internationalization and localization of Thematic. The internationalization part refers to simply enable things to be translated, whereas the localization is the actual process of translating to different languages. Both of these things needs some attention.

There are many language files that come with Thematic but not many of them is up to date. With the 1.0 update, the pot file used for translations became out of sync and was regenerated for 1.0.2. This means that the language files need to be updated again, or some strings that have not been translated yet will show up in english on your site.

Regarding the strings, there are some issues regarding leading and trailing spaces in the translatable strings that needs to be looked over. Some needs to include punctuation so to better support rtl languages. This would mean that when we are finished, the pot file will need to be regenerated again and all languages will become out of sync. Again. Plus, since many strings will change in the backend, there is a high probability of untranslated content showing up on your site until the languages files become updated.

To speed up the process of localization and hopefully make it easier for everyone, we have decided to install Glotpress. This is the same tool that is used by WordPress itself for handling translations. You can read about the basics at their own Glotpress installation. Translation of strings will be done through the web, powered by the community. Say hello to!

In short, if you are a registered member of the forum, you are a contributor and can suggest translations for strings in any language. The current language files are loaded here. As you can see, not very many are up to date. You can log in with the same credentials as for the forum and start adding suggestions. A validator will then need to choose the correct translation if there are several suggestions and mark it as such. If you are a native speaker of a language and wish to become validator, talk to one of the admins. The same applies if you want to add a locale not yet in the list, tell us so we can add it.

When we are finished with the internationalization part, we will regenerate the pot file and give everyone a heads up so you can go to glotpress and start working on the localization part. Since we don’t speak all languages of the world, we are dependent on your contributions for this. Easiest way of contributing to Thematic!

So what happens when all is translated? Well in each language screen, there are export links at the bottom. You can at any given moment export your desired translation files. You will need to export twice, once for the .mo file and once for the .po file. Rename your files to and locale.po (for example and sv_SE.po) and drop them in the library/languages folder of thematic.

This means that you are no longer tied to waiting for Thematic releases to get your translations. We will of course continue to include language files in the releases, but this will hopefully speed up the process and  make it easier for everyone to keep translations up to date.


  1. polnoft
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    Great news!
    I had been maintaining the French translation of Thematic up until v 0.97 but lost track because Google Code changed the URL of its RSS feed… I’m still using Thematic on a French blog and would be glad to become a validator for the French version. Where do I sign? :o)

    • middlesister
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      Super! If you are not a member of the new forums already, you can signup here. Then you can use the same login credentials to log in to glotpress. Thank you for your contribution!

  2. polnoft
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    Hi Middlesister, I’ve created an account under “polnoft” and have already finished updating the French translation! I have left 2 strings untranslated because there is a problem with the translation string in the code (the string is fragmented which makes it impossible to localize in a way which would make sense). This has been reported under issue #152 in Google Code and the diff proposed by invistruct solves the problem, so I’m just waiting for this diff to make it into the source code to finish my work! And I’d be happy to become validator for the French version!

    • middlesister
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      Great! Since there is no username on googlecode you can’t see it, but invistruct is me 🙂
      I have added you as a validator for locale fr. When code gets updated we will notify all translators. At the moment it looks like a lot of strings will get changed, but I believe it’s all for the better in the end.

  3. bjakovljevic1984
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    How I can start with translating of thematic theme in Serbian language. I have registered account, but Serbian language is not in list and I didn’t find solution to add Serbian language? My site is multilingual and I use Thematic theme and this translate is neccery for me?

    • I have added Serbian to the translation list, you can go ahead and start adding strings now. I have also made you a validator for Serbian language so that you can mark translations as correct.

      And yes, if your site is multilingual and you want to have it display in Serbian, then you need the Serbian .mo and .po files that you can get from glotpress. Thanks for contributing!

      • bjakovljevic1984
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        Hi middlesister,

        Thanx for alowwing me translating on Serbian language. You can change language title on ”Serbian Cyrillic” becouse I translate it in Cyrillic alphabet, and also you can insert me new title “Serbian Latin” and then I will translate that using another Serbian alphabet – Latin. Both of them alphabets are used for blogging.

        Can you also tel me, how to turn on this translated language for one of my websites on WP network? I have installed WPMU, and have three thematic child themes, one for each language. For web sites administration language (dashboard) I have downloaded .mo and .po files from and turn on it, specially for each site throught “Language site” option in “Settings” section. But, I dont know how to activate this .mo and .po files, that I make with this translating? Becouse I want to use them, each for defferent child themes?

        Thanx in advance

    • Gene
      | Permalink

      Hi Taisuke,

      The ja locale is loaded and you are now a validator. Thanks!

  4. bjakovljevic1984
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    Hi Gene,

    Can you please add locale “Serbian Latin”? I need it urgently…THANX

  5. yoursecretgirl
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    I just found out that the portuguese (PT) translation for Thematic 1.0.4 was somehow translated in Polish, so I went to GlotPress and translate everything to portuguese and did like you said it above (export, replace the files in the languages folder but it’s still appearing the polish translation. Do you need to accept/moderate something on GlotPress? (I just sign up for this matter, so I’m new with GlotPress.)

  6. You are right, the strings you have translated needs to be marked as correct by a validator. Is your username yoursecretgirl? I can make you a validator for portugese so you can mark the translation strings. The .po export will then work. And I am so sorry for the mixup, there must have been an error in the import of the original files.
    Thank you for your contribution!