Thematic 1.0.1

Hurray! Thematic 1.01 is now available via the WordPress Theme Repository. There are a lot of changes in this release. A list of changes can be found in the read me.txt in the root of the theme.

The support forums are open if you need them. We are transitioning support from ThemeShaper to ThematicTheme so please open or move your support requests to the forums here. If you feel the upgrade has adversely affected your site and you need to temporarily revert back to Thematic while you sort out the issue before finally upgrading to 1.0.1 you can find the previous release here.

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  1. dr chen
    | Permalink

    I hope to see the changelog if they are availabe..
    What does themeshaper are up for?
    Does Theematic has the flexible/adaptive/responsive stylesheet yet?

    one last thing, this site looks awesome.

  2. I just want to congratulate you all on this release, and to thank you for all of the hard work that went into it. I have been slowly developing a child theme for use at academic archives and libraries.

    I chose thematic after examining many paid and free themes. I chose it since it includes excellent accessibility features out of the box (is compliant with web acessibility standards), and since is extremely easy to understand on the backend. Customization has been a breeze. My update to version 1.01 went smoothly, I simply had to replace the filter hook to thematic_create_stylesheet to a filter hook to wp_enqueue_scripts and everything came through without trouble!

    It was a bit intimidating at first moving from a theme that includes a build in GUI, but now that I have thematic well in hand, I can’t imaging going back. The power of this theme is simply amazing, and using it has made me a a much better developer.

    Chris Prom

  3. Love your work, quick question though I changed my recent child theme to html5,
    And this crashes for some reason with the updated theme causing an error,
    Does the updated version use html5? and if not when do you think you will add it in?

    Many thanks again for the amazing flexibility of this theme, especially the css browser classes!

    • jagster
      | Permalink

      No this was really a maintenance release to bring the theme up to current WordPress standards- html5 is not used.

    • Gene
      | Permalink

      Thanks, we’re discussing HTML5 options currently… stay tuned.

  4. Thanks for the free theme update! Thematic rocks and is the starting place for me when I’m designing a new theme!

    Oh – spotted a typo that you could fix for the next update. ‘necessary’ is spelt incorrectly as ‘neccesary’ in style.css (line 47)

  5. jon
    | Permalink

    many thanks to all of you for the hard work you have put into optimizing the framework and many thanks ahead for all the more work you will put into dealing with the storm that’s going to wipe over the forum. you people are great!
    and i guess we should never forget that this work is a gift from you to every thematic user since it remains free. thank you.

  6. Peter
    | Permalink

    Great to see that thematic is getting a little love. Big thanks you guys!

    – Peter

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